Capo Fail – Boris rides again


You have probably come across this already, but I just saw it on a Chinese website and thought it was quite funny, what with the elections looming.

Can you spot the non-deliberate error?

Here is an associated article in the Daily Telegraph

The Mayor of London has told an audience of young people that his biggest regret in life is failing to make it as a famous rock musician. 

He said: “I think I regret bitterly, I still regret, my failure to get anywhere as a rock star and a player of the guitar. I tried at school to master the guitar with a view to becoming a famous … and it was hopeless. And I thought, right well I’ll master the piano and that went even worse.”

Maybe these guys should have stuck to playing the guitar…



The Mandolinquents in the Shed


Mandolinquents Trio

Last year, just before Christmas, we had a shed party which was rather special. Simon Mayor and Hilary James joined me in the shed to play trios. The fourth member of the Mandolinquents, Richard Collins (banjoist and polymath) found himself playing with Joe Brown and we were reduced to a trio.

Here is an excerpt of that gig, complete with colourful clothing!

Some more Mandolinquents with everybody

Chopin Minute Waltz


Buttermere Waltz

Grieg Rigaudon

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Rudolphus Nasum Rubrum Habebat – worth repeating?


Responsory for the first Nocturn at Matins on Christmas Eve, found in a manuscript from the Abbaye de Fleury, dated c. 1170.

Happy Christmas everyone! Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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Thanks to Kevin Holdsworth and Eyolfos for this!
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Christopher Lee presents a heavy metal version of the Little Drummer Boy

But first, a Christmas message from the man himself: he’s 91, the same age as my Mum, who is visiting me from Hong Kong this very moment…

Thanks to Open Culture for the following-
“It’s a cliche for an aging actor to release an album of seasonal chestnuts, but the 91-year-old Lee’s A Heavy Metal Christmas is a thing apart. His take on The Little Drummer Boy is the sonic equivalent of Rosemary’s Baby.”

Heavy Metal Christmas – Jingle Hell – thank you, Sir Christopher!

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