Mangoré – Los Ultimos Dias – The last days


The film is now in production!

Here is an interview with lead actor  Damián Alcázar with more clips from the film

And here is there trailer in English

Facebook page

More here

Here is an article in Spanish about the film.

Ana María Hernández Guerra reported this on her blog almost 2 years ago! Hopefully, it will be realised very soon.
“The president of El Salvador Gral. Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez was a great admirer of Barrios, calling him “One of the chosen ones”, whose artistic culture does great good for those who listen”. After a concert attended by dignataries(Including the Paraguayan ambassador), Gral. Martinez appointed him Professor of guitar at the national Conservatory, presenting him with a check, declaring that he must stay in the heart of America, El Salvador”.

In the meantime, you could just enjoy this!

4 thoughts on “Mangoré – Los Ultimos Dias – The last days

  1. Gerald, this is amazing, I never heard about this until just now…. thanks so much for posting!!!

  2. Hello Gerald
    I love your music. The titles in your Etudes Esquisses really tickle me, especilly the one about the cockroach. It’s nice to know that ‘serious music’ can be fun. I’ve started to learn the Etude 5 , Voile Rouge and am intrigued by the title- literally Red Veil. I gather it can mean a redout -a fortification. Writing this I have just seen the pun. Red out =veiled red. Does this connect to the music in any way?
    Many thanks for the enjoyment you have given an old man.


    • Hi John
      Thank you for the nice comment! I am so happy you are enjoying the Esquisses. I am aware of the meaning of Red Veil, but even I could not reach your level of pundom! Respect! Best wishes Gerald

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