Segovia – The Ramirez Years – John Mills CD

A landmark recording celebrating the most famous guitarist and guitar-maker in the world (well, 100 years ago anyway!).

This is a wonderful recording which also shows just how good a player the overly modest John Mills is.

Segovia – The Ramirez Years is a tribute to the profound legacy of Andres Segovia and The House of Ramirez. In 1912, a youthful Segovia was given a guitar by Manuel Ramirez, thus beginning an illustrious partnership between the most famous guitarist and guitar maker in the world.

Segovia first played Ramirez guitars in 1912, up to 1937, when he changed to the German maker Herman Hauser. In the early 1960’s he moved back to using Ramirez guitars, with a brand new design called the ‘Tradicional’ Model  1a, an instrument with a longer string length and larger fingerboard, using the then newly discovered Western Red Cedar wood for the soundboard, built specifically for Segovia.
100 years later, legendary British classical guitarist John Mills presents a series of national and international recitals in which he uses this special Ramirez guitar. John plays a selection of pieces written for and transcribed by Segovia, including works by Tansman, Torroba, Haug and Castelnuovo – Tedesco.

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To promote an authenticity of tone, this album has been recorded on a 2012 664mm Cedar top – Ramirez I A ‘Tradicional’ concert guitar. Presented with an extended booklet containing interviews with Alexandre Tansman’s daughter Mireille and Cecilia Rodrigo, this album captures the timeless magic and beauty of the Segovian – repertoire and Ramirez guitars.

SKU: GMR3366
Author: John Mills
Format: 2 CD Set
Price: £13.50

An interview with John Mills and excerpts from the CD:

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  1. Hello, I am curious if John Mills ever owned a Michael Wichmann guitar. Do you happen to know? Much thanks, JE

  2. Other Oxford locals may be interested to know Mr Mills will be playing at St Michael at the North Gate on Nov 9th – guitar trio rather than solo. I found the CD to be very lovely too. .

  3. I would very much like to buy John Mills’ CDs. Where would I be able to do this

    With grateful thanks

    • Dear Beryl
      Many thanks for the interest. I think that the link at the bottom of the article will take you to the Frets Only site where you may buy the CDs. Click on GMR3366
      SKU: GMR3366
      Author: John Mills
      Format: 2 CD Set
      Price: £13.50
      Otherwise, try this link to get them or an mp3 download from Amazon.
      Good luck!
      PS See PAula’s comment as well

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