Marcelo Kayath: studio concert playing Buxtehude, Jolivet, Sor, & Nobre

selftaughtgirl’s recording of a radio broadcast from the 1980s of a studio concert by Marcelo Kayath:
Buxtehude: Suite in Em (arr Bream)
Jolivet: Comme un prelude
Sor: Sonata Op 15
Nobre: Prologo e Toccata

Rare performances of the Jolivet and Nobre and a nicely ornamented version of the Buxtehude Sarabande.
Also, here is a very interesting article in Guitar Salon International by Kayath which poses the question of whether the guitar is a miniature orchestra, and reflections on Bream and Segovia.

Here is a 17 year old Kayath playing Ponce

An interesting postscript is that In 1992 he went to Stanford to get his MBA and after graduating became an investment banker, eventually becoming co-CEO of Credit Suisse Investment Banking in Brazil, a $1 billion business!
Glad that a guitarist made it.
Luckily he can now afford to come back to the guitar

One thought on “Marcelo Kayath: studio concert playing Buxtehude, Jolivet, Sor, & Nobre

  1. Didn’t you, Gerald study Chemistry in Oxford? i was surprised when I read it!! 😉
    You got a degree?

    Apparently Jorge Cardoso is a medical doctor.

    But poor poor Marcelo Kayath… He became a banker. There isn’t a more unethical choice possible… it’s the closest to criminal (albeit whitecollar) that one can get. Ridiculous.

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