A small victory


Rene Izquierdo, who had his guitar broken by Hong Kong Airlines reports

“Dear Friends!!!
Hong Kong Airlines finally paid two days ago the guitar repair and a settlement for $2000.00 plus two tickets that I will give up for donation…
Thank you for all your support during this time! We should stand for ourselves and take the road less traveled!!!
Yes we can and we must!
Thank you to Richard Brune for such an amazing repair.
Feel free to use my picture in your moment of need with the airlines… Merry Christmas, Holiday Season and Happy New Year!!!
This is just a small victory. Please spread the petition to get more signatures!
Rene Izquierdo “


To join the campaign, and perhaps make a difference to the way airlines treat musical instruments (and musicians!)go to Change.org
More power to a group acting together as a whole despite the naysayers, who can undermine a community’s effort.