Rudolphus Nasum Rubrum Habebat – worth repeating?


Responsory for the first Nocturn at Matins on Christmas Eve, found in a manuscript from the Abbaye de Fleury, dated c. 1170.

Happy Christmas everyone! Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Thanks to Kevin Holdsworth and Eyolfos for this!
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Sheet music can be found at…eno-erat-rudolphus/

The full text reads

Reno erat Rudolphus
Nasum rubrum habebat;
Si quando hunc videbas,
Hunc candere tu dicas.

Omnes tarandri alii
Semper hunc deridebant;

Cum misero Rudolpho
In ludis non ludebant

V. Sanctus Nicholas dixit
Nocte nebulae,
“Rudolphe, naso claro
Nonne carum tu duces?”

Tum renores clamabant,
“Rudolphe, delectus es?
Cum naso rubro claro
Historia descendes!”