Bream fest continues at the BBC


This time, it’s an archive of Julian Bream on Desert Island Discs first broadcast: Sat 09 Jul 1983 on BBC Radio 4.

This excerpt of 32 minutes from a venerable British institution has this to say:

Julian Bream first played the guitar on radio in Children’s Hour when he was only 13. This led to guest appearances in a series on the Light Programme, and so his career took off. Before long he also took up the lute and played his part in the revival of interest in early music. In conversation with Roy Plomley, he talks about his long career and chooses the eight records he would take to the mythical island.

Julian Bream’s eclectic choice (including Purcell, Dowland, Benny Goodman, the Beatles, Django Reinhardt and Schubert) is particularly revealing about his musical character as are his comments on the music and his early life.
Another gem from the archive, well worth a half hour of your time and featuring the series creator, Roy Plomley.
Importantly, there seems to be no time or geographic limit on the download.
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