More airline horror

From Norman Lebrecht’s great blog Slipped Disc

Chris Wilke

If it’s not the Customs, it’s the US airlines. This message was in from the Lute List:

Hello all,
Last night the soundboard of my 13-course lute was completely smashed after being valet-checked on a flight. (It just happened to be my birthday. Thanks Delta.)
Dr. Christopher Wilke D.M.A.
Lutenist, Guitarist and Composer

There is now an UPDATE, which is an even grimmer tale, here.


The Next Time an Airline Makes You Check Your Guitar, Show Them THIS…(USA only)

I came across this on Digital Music News and thought I would share it – hope it will work for you!

“The following very awesome tip comes from Ari Herstand, a performing musician, actor, and part-time blogger who also advises bands and artists (check out his services here).”

The next time an airline forces you to check your $3,000 guitar, handmade violin, or priceless handcrafted instrument into cargo…

(1) Please show the counter agent, guard, or other said official the 145 page FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 section 41724.   It was signed into law by Obama last year.

Print it out. Continue reading

Musicians win the right to carry instruments on planes (EU proposal – again!)

Perhaps this is a little premature, but we can hope!
This is actually old news from March 2013 and it says that the new EU proposals will come in “next year”

Thanks to Gaelle Solal for keeping this going!

Since the policy in the US changed in February 2012, musicians and organisations have campaigned for similar changes in the UK. The proposed changes will allow musicians carry small instruments in the cabin with them, and require airlines to make their baggage restrictions clear at the point of booking as well as at the airport.

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Airlines: Please stop treating instruments like luggage. If you make us check in the instruments, make sure that is handled properly.

Just adding my voice again – signedSign the petition at
Petition by 
Rene IzquierdoRene Izquierdo Milwaukee, WI, Taiwan

Also see here (Congress bill on airline handling), and here (airline stories)!
Case recommendations
Accord – lightweight but expensive
Karura – still light, but a better price than the Accord
Calton – have always been strong, but heavy – new developments mean a lighter case
Hiscox – a lower cost alternative – make sure to get the flight case
Pegasus – the slim version might get your guitar on the plane, but padding is minimal
A canvas or cloth cover can make the case appear to be a soft one, which might increase your chances of getting it on board (paradoxically).