Craig Ogden and Xue Fei Yang in the Oxford Sheldonian Theatre – fun interview

Happy New Year everyone

Outside the Sheldonian

I have known both Craig and Fei for a very long time (I met Craig in his native Perth when he was 14 years old and Fei in Hong Kong on a visit from Beijing when she was 13!) and it was a delight to listen to both of them on top form playing duets and solos in Oxford’s beautiful Sheldonian theatre last November.

Here is the programme

Solos and duets by PiazzollaDe Falla,?Barrios, Pernambuco, Nigel Westlake & Giuliani

Australian born guitarist Craig Ogden returns to the Sheldonian with his effortlessly brilliant, laid-back performance style. His recordings of both classic and contemporary guitar repertoire have received wide acclaim.

Since Xuefei Yang last played for Music at Oxford (in a Chapel Series concert in 2010), she has shot to stardom, and is now acknowledged to be one of the foremost guitarists of her generation, developing new repertoire for the instrument through ingenious arrangement and commissioning.

A rare opportunity to see these two exceptional guitarists join forces. This concert will take us on a musical journey from the classical guitar’s beginnings in Spain to Brazil, Argentina and Australia.


The Westlake was new to me – very listenable and effervescent writing. The Piazzolla and Falla were dispatched with virtuosity and a sense of ensemble which rivalled that of more experienced, regular duos.
The solos were also brilliantly played, highlights for me being Fei’s transcription of a traditional Chinese tune – Fishing boats under the moon – and her rendition of a piece by Paco de Lucia.

Craig and Fei

Plus des Frères Méduses

This is an audio interview and music from Les Frères Méduses at the Radio Station KUTX

Benoît Albert andRandall Aver describe the quality of their collaborations as having the connotation of free flowing water, surrealism, and the slightly humorous title of their duo suited the music that they create together.

The French adjective médusé also translates to “mesmerized” or “dumbfounded”, the perfect words to describe the feelings elicited by this sensational guitar duo’s music. Albert and Avers both exhibit a formal education in classical guitar performance, composition and improvisation, and their combined skill will certainly leave you breathless. Aside from performing classical guitar music together, the duo has also written original film scores for silent films such as 1927’s The Unknown.