Partial Catalogue of music by Gerald Garcia

Available scores:

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Scores for sale

Solo Guitar

Three Carolan Planxtys
Carolan’s Concerto
Fanny Poer
Madame Maxwell
Thanks to Jane Darcey for transcribing these

Three Irish Melodies by Thomas Moore
Silent, O Moyle
Avenging and Bright
My Gentle Harp

Five Celtic Airs
Rune of the Weaver
Cuan Ag Erigh
Airde Cuan
Port ui Mhuirgheasa
Heman Dubh

Two Irish PIeces
Lark in the Clear Air
The Coming of Spring

Three Chinese Melodies
A la Mu Han
Spring Breeze
Plum Blossoms in the Snow

Dle Yaman – Armenian Folksong

Three Brazilian Songs
Como Podo o Peixe
Nesta Rua
Samba Lel?

Salut d’Amour – Elgar

The Winged Serpent

Dragons Dancing


Flores del Norte

2 Etudes for five fingers

Three Graded Preludes
In the Night Palace

25 Etudes Esquisses

Dle Yaman

Ca’ the Yowes – Transformations 2020
Commissioned by Tim Beattie

Guitar Duo

Two Celtic Duos
Rune of the Weaver
Heman Dubh

Carolan Planxtys
Carolan’s Concerto
Fanny Power
Madame Maxwell

Crystal Eden
Double Dutch
Stars in Her Eyes
Get Set

Four Chinese Songs
Plum Blossoms in the Snow
Peach Blossom

Three Lorca Songs
Cafe de Chinitas

Two Turkish Songs
Yollarina Gul Duktom
Bir Ihtimal Daha Var

Guitar and Percussion
Indigo Agogo

Flute and Guitar
Five Celtic Airs
Airde Chuain
Caitlin Triall
Heman Dubh
Port ui Mhuirgheasa
The Cliffs of Moher
Five Celtic Pieces for Flute and Guitar

Medieval Madness (piccolo)

2 Flutes
Les Trois Douzaines
The Trapezist
Human Canon
Debridean Air
The Lion and the Ram
Hora pro Nobis

Piano Solo
Variations on Frere Jacques

Matilda with Bells

Rorate Coeli
Ave Maria

Guitar and String Trio (2 violins and cello)
Le Grazie

Guitar Ensemble

Four Guitars

Three Chinese Pieces for the LAGQ
Winter on Yellow Mountain
Spring Snow

Segni Meravigliosi No.3 – Cant des Ocells

Medieval Madness No.2

Guitar Orchestra

La Llorona
Green Island Serenade
Blue Nose Ballads


Romance – G.Faure
La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin – C.Debussy
Salut d’Amour – E.Elgar
Por una Cabeza – La Pera/Gardel
Pizzicato Polka – J.Strauss
Cancion de Cuna – X.Montsalvatge
Sentimental Melody – H.Villa Lobos
Lenda do Caboclo – H.Villa Lobos (plus Bass)

Six Guitars

Fandango – L.Boccherini


Six Guitars/Guitar Orchestra

Selection from South Pacific – Rodgers and Hammerstein

Frozen Seas

Eight Guitars/Guitar Orchestra
Two Hebridean Songs

The Sandman Cometh

Guitar Orchestra and solo Guitar

Concerto – Le Grazie
Night Sounds
Clear Day
Star Rise

Concerto Murciano

Heart of the Rose – concerto movement

China Sings
Dark Sky
Silver Clouds across the Moon
Flower Drum

Guitar Orchestra and Two Guitars
Lorca Concerto
Los Reyes de la Baraja

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Chinese Whispers
Flower Drum Song

You Ladies of Spain
Farewell and Adieu

for NYGE 2020

Guitar Orchestra and Guitar Quartet
Spectral Dreams
Traum Trauermarsch

Guitar Orchestra and Flute Choir
Segni Meravigliosi Nos.1 & 2
Campanelle ed Ucelli
Hung Lung Bak Lung

Guitar Orchestra and Narrator

Guitar Orchestra and Choir

Guitar Orchestra and Marimba
Wherever You are, There I am Also

Guitar Orchestra and Viola
Falcon pursued by Crows
Heart of Water

Guitar Orchestra and Guitar + Cello duo
Senor Scarlatti in Buenos Aires

Guitar Orchestra and Voice
Hebridean Songs
“Eternal Source of Light Divine” G.F.Handel realised by G Garcia

Guitar Quartet and Organ
Las Meninas Bailan

Mixed Ensemble

Le Grazie for Guitar and String Trio (2 violins and cello)
Night Sounds/Clear Day/Star Rise

Ali’s Waltz for Guitar Quartet, Cello, Violin, Flute, Harp

Chinese Whispers

10 for the MFO

Journey to Scotland – Guitar Orchestra, Electric Guitar, Bass, Dijeridu

Chacophony for Early music Group

Senor Scarlatti in Buenos Aires for Accordion, String Quartet and Bass

2020 for the MFO


Concerto for Solo Guitar – Heart of the Rose

Concerto Romantico for Violin and Guitar and Strings

Lorca Concerto for 2 Guitars and Orchestra

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra – Inner Hope

Ex Cathedra for Brass and Strings

China Sings – for Guitar and Orchestra