Julian Bream: ‘I’m a better musician now than when I was 70’

Two years ago Julian Bream was walking with his retriever, Django, in the fields around his Dorset home, when a neighbour’s dog knocked him to the ground, breaking both hips and injuring his left hand. For several years, Britain’s greatest virtuoso of guitar and lute had played through the pain of arthritis, but these new injuries compelled him to renounce making music seriously. He had retired in 2002 after 55 years of professional performing, but still liked to give the occasional recital at churches or halls near his home.

Thus ended his longest affair, one that started when nine-year-old Julian put on one of his dad’s Quintette du Hot Club de France LPs and was seduced by what he calls the “burning anguish” of Django Reinhardt’s playing.

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One thought on “Julian Bream: ‘I’m a better musician now than when I was 70’

  1. I thought that in the short bit of the Nocturnal that Bream recorded for the My Life In Music DVD he found an extra bit of something compared to his full recording of about ten years before. That DVD was made about ten yeas ago, so it really is tantalising to think that if his hands allowed he might come up with something even better now. Shame he doesn’t conduct!

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