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You may have read my interviews and posts with the extraordinary guitarist and enquiring mind, Jorge Caballero.

He and his wife Maggie have started a new project – Classical Guitar Beats – here is the intro

Welcome to Guitar Beats! This site is dedicated to the study of Classical Guitar, using advanced and innovative methodology. Our approach is innovative in that  total exploration of the psyche (mind, body) is employed to achieve mastery of the guitar. This pedagogical method is universal: its methods can be directly transferred and applied to other instruments and disciplines. Simply stated, our goal is to provide all levels of music students the tools to learn and progress.


The site provides fascinating insights into such vexing subjects as the collapsible joint rest stroke, semi-rest-stroke free stroke and the downward push free stroke,
Find out more by visiting the site which has a monthly feature.
Here are also my interviews in Iserlohn with Jorge.

2 thoughts on “Classical Guitar Beats

  1. I cannot believe what I am seeing and reading: “collapsible joint rest stroke”.

    This is an absolute hazardous stroke that should be avoided, or at the very least not propagated as some kind of “standard stroke”.
    It is completely dependent on the finger anatomy of the player (as well as the nail-length) and can cause terrible results, if it is just used and followed.

    Caballero should really now better than this.
    In particular: there is a school of though regarding strokes that absolutely shuns a flexible “floppy” fingertip.

    So just a word of caution: Don’t believe that everything you see, is actually a useful technique for you to blindly and “stupidly” copy. Stay away from that stroke, if it results in bad tone and lack of control (the main reasons why some people don’t use the “floppy” fingertip technique).

    • Well said.
      I reject that floppy fingertip technique and play solely free-stroke on i, m and a with firm control up to the very tip of the finger. No floppy-fingertip for me.

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