Yet more Biberian

Sonata 3 by Gilbert Biberian in a masterful performance by Denian Arcoleo


Biberian’s Sonata in one movement, written in 1978!





The composer has this to say about the piece
SONATA No.3 is a one-movement work in which the customary three movements are condensed into one: The exposition of the first two

themes, comprising the first subject group, and the developmental episode correspond to the first movement; 
the slow, chordal second subject acts as a stow movement; and the recapitulation-cum-development (note the alternation of the first two themes) reflects the last movement. The coda consists of the last 7 bars.
The reason for the absence of time signatures is to force the eye to read in phrases and to make the player conscious of note values and durations. 
The phrase mark has a dual meaning: legato and agogic. The agogic must be interpreted as a more fluid tempo within which notes are placed closer to one another (even when the slur or phrase mask only two notes). 
Long groups of grace notes must be played before the beat; when they are appended to a double-stop the bass is played with them. 
Articulation marks such as slurs, accents staccati etc. must be observed carefully and nothing more should be added. 
The fingerings have been devised to serve fully the character of each 
phrase and must not be altered. 
The abbreviation LV. stands for “Laissez Vibrer”, i.e. allow the notes to ring on. 
Gilbert Biberian, 
August, 1978 

Denian has also recorded Gilbert’s Preludes – fantastic performance. Get them here