The Poised Guitarist

My first experience of mapping was failing to connect with a bar stool which wasn’t where I thought it was. Many of us have a misconception of how our joints connect and where an action starts from. The Alexander teacher Barbara Conable has done extensive research and written books on the subject of body mapping.

A while ago I wrote an article about focal dystonia and mentioned Jerald Harscher, a guitarist and teacher with whom I had an enlightening session on Skype (even though I was beginning to feel self conscious about the spelling of my name when talking to him.)

I discovered he had trained in body mapping and also had the idea of interviewing virtuosos, a project he calls “The Virtuoso’s Map Project“, where he asks guitarists of extraordinary ability “Do you move for a living?”.
There are more to come, but here are a couple of  videos which he has made so far.
There is also an interview with Jerald.
Here is his site, The Poised Guitarist which offers much of relevance to guitarists who want to avoid injury (and he also offers lessons). It’s well worth exploring.

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