Biberian’s Sonata 2 finally recorded!

Now here’s a thing. This is a piece I have loved for 28 years. I played it when  Gilbert Biberian first wrote it. It has had a chequered history and the composer has revised it a couple of times. I love it – it is a solo guitar piece of monumental proportions and is kaleidoscopic in scope, both thematically and structurally. This is just the first movement! The third is a beautiful set of unobvious and virtuosic variations.

The key of B minor rules! It is one my favourite key on the guitar (other than Eb, which has interesting resonant harmonics) but can be prone to out of tune Ds.

Thank you Cristiano Porqueddu for working so hard on this to give it the polish it deserves and thank you Gilbert for bringing it into being.

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