Goss Triple, Orpheus Sinfonia Grand Finale, July 11th 2013

This is a bit late, but Steve Goss, guitar composer hero has a performance of his Triple Concerto for Sax, Cello, Piano and Orchestra tomorrow at the Cadogan Hall, London SW1x 9DQ.
It is written for the Orpheus Sinfonia, of which he has been composer-in-residence and this concert also features Beethoven’s 9th.

Of the Concerto, he says “
The solo parts are part-composed, part-devised and part-improvised. The piece transforms pre-existing music in unexpected ways.” Sounds definitely worth listening to.

S Goss Orpheus Sinfonia

Stephen Goss and Orpheus Sinfonia








Learn more here in a great interview by Fran Wilson.

I met Steve when he was a student many years ago. He had very short hair in those days and fell prey to a trick at a summer school run by Steve Gordon at Prussia Cove, Cornwall The trick involved his performance of Britten’s Nocturnal and a piece of rubber…  so he’s a good sport as well as everything else. Subsequent antics caused the Summer School to close down, possibly involving the same piece of rubber… 

Since then, he has written what I consider a masterly piece on the Nocturnal entitled “Come Heavy Sleep, Motive and Metaphor in Britten’s Nocturnal Op.70”
Below is the link to a PDF file, which every guitarist should read and learn from. When did you last use the word 
pathopoeia in an essayHave you inadvertently used auxesis in conversation?
Find the answers to these questions and more in

Come Heavy Sleep, Motive and Metaphor in Britten’s Nocturnal Op.70