Lennox Berkeley and the Classical Guitar, Royal Academy of Music, review: ‘power and drama’

For some time now, the Lennox Berkeley Society has been promoting the composers music by offering a special prize at the Oxford Music Festival, so it was interesting to come across this in the Daily Telegraph today:

Few concerts have such specialist value as this programme devoted to English composer Lennox Berkeley’s complete works for classical guitar – probably the first time they had been gathered together in one sitting. But then such programming is typical of the Royal Academy of Music, whose consistently stimulating concerts – many of them free to the public, and mixing students with major artists – present sometimes-overlooked treasure on London’s musical scene.

The article, which is a glowing review of the students at the Royal Academy, ends with the words “…these players found power and drama everywhere.” Well done, folks!

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Interesting to note that three of the past prize winners of the aforementioned Lennox Berkeley Society Award for Guitar were past members of the National Youth Guitar Ensemble.

The Society also offers grants to promote Berkeley’s music here, if any of you are so inclined.