Airlines: Please stop treating instruments like luggage. If you make us check in the instruments, make sure that is handled properly.

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Rene IzquierdoRene Izquierdo Milwaukee, WI, Taiwan

Also see here (Congress bill on airline handling), and here (airline stories)!
Case recommendations
Accord – lightweight but expensive
Karura – still light, but a better price than the Accord
Calton – have always been strong, but heavy – new developments mean a lighter case
Hiscox – a lower cost alternative – make sure to get the flight case
Pegasus – the slim version might get your guitar on the plane, but padding is minimal
A canvas or cloth cover can make the case appear to be a soft one, which might increase your chances of getting it on board (paradoxically).


More Airline stories and some positive recommendations!

Seems that many people responded (positively) to the post on JAL’s treatment of guitars on internal flights, so as a way of jumping on the luggage carousel, I thought that I would add some positive recommendations.

For me, the most stressful part of taking a guitar on a flight is the uncertainty that it will be allowed as cabin baggage or not, or that it will be well taken care of in transit in the hold, so here is a list of positive experiences I have had with ground staff and flight crew.

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